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Emerging risks

Identified potential long-term risks

Emerging risks are identified through a process of horizon scanning. Information and data is gathered from a number of sources, including industry partners, communities and the public, academics and local resilience forum partners.

Asian Hornet

Th Asian hornet  highly aggressive predator of native insects that poses a significant threat to honey bees and other pollinators. Originally from Asia, in 2004 this invasive non-native species was accidentally introduced to France where it has spread rapidly and into neighbouring countries. Since 2016 a number of sightings have been recorded in the UK. In 2023 there have been 72 Asian hornet nests found in 56 locations

For more information on this emerging risk visit BeeBase, the Animal and Plant Health Agency's (APHA) National Bee Unit website: Asian Hornet » APHA - National Bee Unit - BeeBase


  1. Identification sheet

  2. Identification nest sheet

  3. Alert poster

  4. Postcard


All the above can be ordered, free of charge, in laminated or glossy paper form by emailing

Where to report

Sightings should be reported through the free Asian Hornet Watch App, available for Android and iPhone, the NNSS online notification form, or using email at Where possible, a photo, the location of the sighting and a description of the insect seen should be included.

There is also a rolling news page for current sightings.

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